Mare’s milk: a solution for psoriasis and eczema?

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It may sound strange, but the use of mare’s milk is most definitely advised for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. This knowledge even dates back to ancient Egypt: queen Cleopatra bathed in mare’s milk daily, as a part of her beauty ritual.

So, do you need to start filling your tub with mare’s milk from now on? Of course not: actually you have to drink it! I know: I can hear you saying “YUCK”! Yes, I guess it tastes strange, but luckily, there is another possibility: you can just take a capsule containing the powdered extract of concentrated mare’s milk and still get the same results… In fact, even better results! More on that in a bit.

This short clip of a French horse farm shows how mare’s milk is obtained: in a completely animal-friendly way.

Why prefer mare’s milk over conventional treatments?

If you ask me, when treating psoriasis and eczema, the healthiest and best results can only be achieved by treating the skin from the inside out, and by fighting the cause rather than the symptoms.

While it’s true that it will take longer to see or feel results compared to topical cortisone creams, the results in the long term will be much better and healthier for your body. These days, everyone has probably tried, or is still trying cortisone creams. However, these types of cream can only lessen your outward symptoms, and are dangerous to your health if you use them on a long-term basis. The epidermis thins out and the effects decrease the longer you use these creams, forcing you to up your doses. And that’s never a good idea…

So anyway, I started browsing the internet because I was curious to see whether there was already a manufacturer of mare’s milk out there. Lo and behold, I found capsules with powdered extract and also a body cream based on mare’s milk without even having to look too hard! The products are available under the name of Equilac, and they must be pioneers because the brand has been on the market for 15 years already.

However, the company suggests starting off with a supply of at least three months, because mare’s milk works by slowly adjusting your body to change. In addition, they offer a body cream that can be applied topically and relieves symptoms like redness of skin and itching, making it ideal for short-term relief. The products have been around in Europe for over a decade and they seem to have a lot of avid supporters. A few months ago, Equilac was made available to many different countries around the world as well.

User experiences show great promise for psoriasis sufferers

Because of all the buzz surrounding mare’s milk, I went searching for some experiences from actual users of the stuff. The most touching review of all is one you can find on Equilac’s website. Tony tells us the story of his fiancee, and how she used mare’s milk to treat the psoriasis spots on her legs…

“I am writing to thank you for the amazing and wonderful change in my fiancee’s condition after taking Equilac. She was suffering from a very severe form of psoriasis (please see attached photos) until I stumbled across Equilac on the Internet.

I had previously spent a lot of time researching all the possible treatments for her condition and we had tried all the medicines prescribed by her doctor, all to no avail. I contacted all the help forums on the Internet and none of them mentioned Equilac as a possible treatment for her condition: it was only by chance that I learnt of your product.

I have since recommended Equilac to other people that have had a life-long problem with psoriasis and they have had the same amazing results.”

I’m sorry for having to use these explicit pictures, but if you are a psoriasis sufferer, I’m sure you won’t mind.

I was stunned when I read these experiences. Why is mare’s milk not prescribed by doctors and dermatologists? The answer is that it’s actually too scarce to be able to treat everyone suffering from psoriasis and eczema. Despite being a low profile product, in recent years German scientists have studied the benefits of mare’s milk. In their study, they concluded that consuming mare’s milk for at least six months effectively reduces the symptoms of eczema in as much as 90% of all patients. Worth trying if you ask me!

Where to find mare’s milk products, and how much they cost

Granted, the capsules aren’t exactly cheaply priced: probably the main reason is – again – the scarcity of mare’s milk. It isn’t a mass produced commodity, and I read somewhere that, depending on the time of year, sometimes there isn’t enough supply to meet the demand. These products must be heavily sought after.

In general , according to the website, the first improvements can be noted after 2 to 6 weeks of taking Equilac. Some consumers might experience a worsening of their symptoms during the first few weeks, but the company states that this is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. They state that your body has to adjust to changes for the better, and that can take some time.

If you think Equilac is worth trying, you can find the products online at the website mentioned above. A  3-month treatment costs about $125, but the company offers a nice 90-day money back guarantee if you don’t  notice any results. This indicates to me that they’re confident about their product, which is always nice to see.

I do think it’s only worth using their products if you are serious about your treatment and intend to use Equilac in its intended way. This means starting with a treatment of at least 3 consecutive months, in order to allow the mare’s milk to do its thing.

Has anyone tried mare’s milk before? If, so if you have any stories to share, I’m looking forward to reading them in the comments section below!